New Signs In Sight

October 10, 2019

Starting October 14, 2019, all general contractors must have worker safety information signs at construction sites where site safety training is required, posted in plain sight and containing specific information.

According to, all signs must follow guidelines pertaining to information in correlation with required worker safety training, including all site safety training deadlines and the number of required training hours. The signs must be in all languages spoken by workers on site and clearly displayed in explicit locations; sites with construction fencing must post the sign at each egress point on the inside of the construction fence, including vehicle delivery fence gates and existing loading docks. Sites without construction fencing must post a sign at each egress point within the controlled access zone where construction is taking place and at each existing loading dock or location being used for construction delivery or access.

In addition to the placement of the signs, they must also comply with the following:

  • Be 44 inches and 30 inches high
  • Have letters at least 1 inch (25 mm) high
  • Have white letters on a blue background
  • Be made of durable and weatherproof material such as vinyl, plastic, or aluminum that is flame retardant

Please see below for templates of the worker safety information sign with the new requirements in common spoken languages:

For more information on workers safety information signs, please see the NYC Buildings Service Notice or contact us directly at or 212-736-6900.